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I’m kind of a fan of clutter, much to my husband’s disappointment. My desk is frightening, but I like to use the term, “organized mess.” It tends to carry over into my decorating style – I love to fill the walls!
With our house dreams moving closer and closer (rent hikes soon – eek!), my day dreaming has moved from decorating this space to decorating our yet unknown next space. Hopefully we have at least one giant, expansive wall space for me to play with, because the walls below are dreamy!

via apartment therapy

via lonny mag

via design sponge

via simply grove

via lonny mag

image and recipe via herriott grace

Happy Weekend All! I hope your days are filled with sunshine and loveliness. We’re resting up on this Friday night for a busy weekend. Meeting with a financial adviser for the first time tomorrow… so we can start getting all our things in line to buy our first house! Even though the actual buying part is months and months away, it’s so exciting. But of course, now I’ve only got house things on the brain.
Here are a few of my recent favorites from around the web.

I’d love to have a classy bar in my home.
Tiny jam jars repurposed.
Fantastic baby room theme.
DIY Gold Frames.
A pop of color.
This gorgeous mobile.
Diane von Furstenburg’s New York apartment.
A very kitschy tumblr.
What a great housewarming gift idea!
Beautiful bare bulbs.
My dream: a wall of books.

I’ve had my eye on these 50’s wallpaper prints for so long. I ordered samples and gaze at them lovingly, dreaming of the day when we’re out of a rental and into our own place. For now? Maybe I’ll frame the little scraps of my favorites and give the empty hallway wall a little life. Or kitchen. Don’t these just scream kitchen?


So it snowed today. Really, actually snowed and stuck. So of course, I did not leave the house.
But my dear friend Andy took this lovely pic of the neighborhood:

It still surprises me when it sticks. I’m a bit of a baby about the cold. So I stayed in and online.
And here’s what I found.

These leopard shoes.
Be my valentine.
If I did it all over again, I’d have this cake.
Lovely illustrations.
A reusable carrier we’d really reuse.
Beautiful thoughts on marriage.
Some spring shoes for him.
Blue walls.
Fab stripey bags and great outfits as well.
How I will store wine.
A sweet and funny engagement shoot.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!