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I realized this week I’ve been a bit obsessed with hot pink lately. And it all started with a llama magnet. My mother-in-law mentioned she had free magnets from Zazzle coming, and asked if I wanted to pick one out. I’m the type of person that ridiculously loves a million magnets and pictures and menus on the fridge, so I jumped at the idea. After about a half hour of breezing through their millions of options (no joke!), I stumbled across this hot pink llama and knew that was it. As I was looking through recent purchases and gifts, I realized there was a growing trend. “I think I love hot pink,” I whispered to myself, a bit surprised. But why not? It brings a bit of sunshine and whimsy… and now I’m all in.

hot pink

Clockwise from top left: Lime Crime Pink Velvetine / Corinne McCormack reading glasses / Caleb Troy’s Reassurance Print / heart necklace / Kate Spade leather jewelry box / Zazzle Llama magnet

We’re renting right now but once we’re ready to buy, I know one thing I want is a big kitchen with a million useful things filling it up. Chalkboard walls covered in notes and recipes, pots and pans hung up for all to see, big windows to cook by the light of day, and all my silly little tools organized in all the cupboard space a cook could dream of.

tasty tuesday kitchen
via tasty tuesday

rural girl kitchen
via rural girl

meggie lynne mug wall
via meggie lynne

What do you dream of?

So it snowed today. Really, actually snowed and stuck. So of course, I did not leave the house.
But my dear friend Andy took this lovely pic of the neighborhood:

It still surprises me when it sticks. I’m a bit of a baby about the cold. So I stayed in and online.
And here’s what I found.

These leopard shoes.
Be my valentine.
If I did it all over again, I’d have this cake.
Lovely illustrations.
A reusable carrier we’d really reuse.
Beautiful thoughts on marriage.
Some spring shoes for him.
Blue walls.
Fab stripey bags and great outfits as well.
How I will store wine.
A sweet and funny engagement shoot.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Late as usual, I went perusing a few bookstores this week in search of a 2012 wall calendar. My parents used to buy me one every year for Christmas, so it feels like a tradition to have one. Plus, I’m still a cubicle dweller and love to have things covering every inch of my grey fabric walls.
Well, this week was a total bust, as well as all the major online book sellers. Then it dawned on me that I was overlooking my favorite site for unique items and artists, Etsy.
I went in search of monthly hand drawn calendars and found that and a few more favorites.

wall calendar by olive and ruby

wall calendar by flakes paperie

fine art print calendar by little brown pen

monthly calendar by mincing mockingbird

Love! Put in my order for the mincing mockingbird calendar yesterday and it’s already in the mail. Definitely one of my favorite artists on Etsy. Have you seen the pieces with quotes?
Hilarious and gorgeous.