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Have you been over to the new Provisions shop by food52 yet? It is a kitchen dreamland! From exotic spice sets to one-of-a-kind pieces to homemade tamale kits to the most lovely linens to genius tools and lunchbox kits, it’s the perfect go-to for that extra special something.

provisions superior servers
Superior Servers

provisions blue chair marmalade
Blue Chair Fruit Early Girl Tomato Jam + Lemon Marmalade

provisions seer sucker cloth napkins
Seersucker Cloth Napkins

provisions vintage british preserve pan
Vintage British Preserve Pan

Click here for $10 off your first purchase!

I fell in love with this etsy shop the other day, NowVintage. I’m still a little obsessed with vintage luggage, typewriters, random glass pieces; and this beautifully curated shop fills all those little desires. Are you wedding planning? Some great ideas for decor here. And the boots! So many
lovely pairs of shoes.

shoes / typewriter / luggage / glass display

I am in love with this photo series from French Magazine Sport & Style starring outfits from favorite films! Can you name each one? I guessed three of the four below. (Answers at the bottom!)











1. Back to the Future  2. A Clockwork Orange  3. Forrest Gump  4. The Blues Brothers

I’m officially on the prowl. My sister isn’t getting married until August 2013, but she is rather fabulous and I want my dress to do her proud as I stand beside her! And so, I’m officially moving on from casually browsing to seriously searching for the right dress. There’s not a definite theme or style yet, but something with a vintage feel in the perfect pale shade is where I’m starting. My first picks:

there is only you and me via bhldn

alfred sung via dessy

louiseomahony via etsy

The first of many!

Just a little bit of sunshine and I’m already thinking about a new swimsuit. Normally I go for a pretty classic bikini, but this year I’m considering something a little more snazzy. I’m really curious about how the retro style suits fit. How you ever tried one on? I’ve got a little more curve to my hip this year, and I’m wondering if this might be just the thing! What do you think? One piece or two?


suits by anthropologie