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We’re probably not in for a big vacation this year, so I’m dreaming of a million little weekends away. And I’ve been eyeing this perfect little weekend bag from Kate Spade Saturday for a while now. I love the easy little shape, perfect little compartments and fabulous color combinations.



weekender open
sn’t it just the cutest? And I know what you’re thinking… just one pair of shoes?! But I know I could get at least 2 pairs of sandals in that! ;) Just enough for a weekend. And it will keep me from being the wild over-packer I usually can’t help but be, in the most stylish little way.

images via kate spade saturday

This past week I was in New York City for the first time in nearly ten years, and I’m feeling terribly romantic about the city again. Husband and I both had to be there for work, but we flew in a few days early to enjoy ourselves a little. And enjoy ourselves we did! Great eats, a great show, fabulous shopping and a whole lot of sunshine. We really lucked out – it was 70 and beautiful all weekend. The best thing? Newsies on Broadway. I’ve never been big on musicals, but the husband loves them, particularly Newsies. And a friend of his was in the show! We had amazing seats (Thank you Aaron!) The show was so much fun, and besides Aaron, there were three guys we recognized from So You Think You Can Dance. So much talent! And oy, the restaurants in NYC are unbelievable. So much good food. Here are a few pics from the weekend and a few places I’d highly recommend, which I found mostly based on recommendations from a few of my amazing friends.

Carnegie Deli and their fantastic pickles
Soup Dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai
Rosa Mexicano makes fresh guacamole at the table
Everything at Philippe, particularly the duck (oh the duck!)
Steak Frites de L’Entrecôte (just like Paris!)
PJ Clarke’s has great parmesan tots and bread pudding
Great Italian and great service at Osteria al Doge
Yaffa Cafe and their famous carrot dressing
Zio – we did drinks and appetizers, but I’d love to go back for dinner

So much good food! I can’t wait to go back and try more!

Currently I am detoxing a bit, from an amazing holiday weekend spent in Vancouver (Canada) eating the most delicious things to excess. Have you tried poutine? We tried it… 5 times! (fortunately there were 6 of us to share it all!) There are so many amazing restaurants in Vancouver, but our favorites were the Salt Tasting Room and Cafe Medina. Two absolutely fabulous experiences.

phone pic of the magic at salt tasting room

Also currently…
adoring a style icon
seriously considering this iphone-charger toaster-style alarm clock
admiring illustration art
coveting sweet oxfords
ogling this home office
smiling at a beautiful local engagement party
embracing bedroom rules
imagining party ideas for our new neighborhood friends

Have a lovely week!

It’s beautiful outside here in Seattle! I have the feeling this is going to be a historically warm summer for us. I’m not one for real heat, but for now I’ll enjoy the crisp warm days as we transition from spring with outdoor lounging, grilling and bare legs earlier in the season than I’ve ever dared.

Here are a few of my favorites from around the web, on this sunny slothful Sunday.

Floral Pants are adorable!
The beauty of basic black.
San Francisco is our next destination. What are your favorite restaurants?
Tory Burch Summer.
I’ve had this Ikea piece in my closet forever and I love this makeover.
Beautiful rose gold oxfords. Want.
A colorful engagement shoot.
Wildfox Kids, a look book even grown-ups could use for inspiration.

image via vanda vintage

Today was a rather productive Sunday, for once. Usually I end up spending half the day deciding
on our dinner menu for the week and putting together a grocery list… and that’s about it. This week, we made it to the grocery store and started our holiday shopping. Finally.

We’ve still got quite a few people to buy for, but this weekend’s bit of shopping was fairly
successful and started to get me into the swing of the season. That and the two holiday parties!
Here are a few things I’m considering for my nearest & dearest:

Saw this sparkly sweater in store today & could hardly resist.
and these sweet little charms.
a fox print baby sweatshirt.
one sassy tote bag.
some homemade fun.
a sweet swingy dress.
scotch nail trio.
a year in travel.
vintage kitchen.
jonathan adler does hanukkah.
an artist’s cheese palette.

Happy gift hunting!