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Another day in court. Another day of jury duty. I take my duty very seriously, but must admit my mind does occasionally wander. I’ve been pondering the style of the lawyers a bit. One a man, simply dressed in a basic suit. The other, a woman, whose outfits vary a bit more from the suit options. I tend to dress a bit more formal for my office usually, although working in the retail industry I try to add a touch of trend. But if I had to maintain a certain presence in court?
I might lean this way:

Clockwise from top left: one / two / three / four / five

The lovely ladies of the office and I were chatting the other day about prints, as two of them showed up in some fabulous leopard pieces. I’ve never been particularly adventurous when it comes to prints, except maybe a smattering of stripes and checks, but I’m hoping to branch out a bit this year.
Husband, on the other hand, is quite great at trying new patterns and is always getting me to push my boundaries. I’ve been perusing his Pinterest for ideas and have my fingers crossed that one of these is in the wrapped pile of boxes in the corner of our living room.

Stork Blouse via dust jacket attic

Fair Isle Sweater via jcrew

Cat Print Blouse via eat sleep wear via zara

Now to just be bold enough to wear them. So pretty!

Today was a rather productive Sunday, for once. Usually I end up spending half the day deciding
on our dinner menu for the week and putting together a grocery list… and that’s about it. This week, we made it to the grocery store and started our holiday shopping. Finally.

We’ve still got quite a few people to buy for, but this weekend’s bit of shopping was fairly
successful and started to get me into the swing of the season. That and the two holiday parties!
Here are a few things I’m considering for my nearest & dearest:

Saw this sparkly sweater in store today & could hardly resist.
and these sweet little charms.
a fox print baby sweatshirt.
one sassy tote bag.
some homemade fun.
a sweet swingy dress.
scotch nail trio.
a year in travel.
vintage kitchen.
jonathan adler does hanukkah.
an artist’s cheese palette.

Happy gift hunting!

Fall is here. Practically winter, actually, with this cold we’ve been having in Seattle
(my dearest is crossing his fingers for snow this weekend). And so my sweater
obsession comes out full force. This week, cable knits.
The basic sweater, a cozy scarf, paired with a sparkly skirt for the season.
Classy, classic, perfection.

via j.crew

via nordstrom

via zara