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Now that my holiday shopping is nearly done, I’ve been perusing lovely outfits for me! Christmas? New Year’s Eve? I’ve got the itch for something new and the Zara holiday lookbook is exactly it. Clean and sharp or sparkly and warm, I might just need each one of these lovely pieces.

zara holiday lookbook 1
zara holiday lookbook 2
zara holiday lookbook 3

images via fashion gone rogue

It’s that time of the year again, cold season. And today I’m the poster girl. My chest cold just moved into my sinuses and I am miserable. Mint tea, cough drops, homemade chicken soup, humidifiers, neti pots, decongestants, as much sleep as possible, vitamin C, mentholatum, chamomile, hot showers, antihistamines… what is your favorite remedy?

baby its cold outside

Meanwhile, here are a few favorites links from my bedridden week.

Sweet little holiday cards
A designer’s beautiful home
Fried chicken banh mi. Yes please!
Adorable contrast sweater dress
Gorgeous and tiny canvas prints
Fun and flirty kate spade shoes
The new Everlane cashmere collection
Homemade caramels (my mother’s favorite)
Perfect champagne flutes for the new year

image via madeleine

Have you seen Everlane yet? They make the loveliest, softest, most luxurious t-shirts I’ve even worn. And they’re more reasonably priced than your average luxury tees, since they make these fabulous clothes themselves and cut out the middleman. Genius! I have two pieces currently, but with the launch of their fall collection, I know I’m going to be adding some beautiful cashmere and silk to my wardrobe. The French Terry in Mustard is at the top of my shopping list!

Being sick has kept me cooped up in the house a few too many days and I’ve been obsessing over the silliest things, like what color to paint my nails! I’m quite the fan of the fall trend of navy nails.
Last week I went neutral, but now I’m ready for something a littler bolder.

Some other lovely things from around the web this week:

Beautiful braided rings
Everlane‘s new fall pieces
This awesome post on a new online series
A sweet surprise sixtieth birthday party
4 words: White Pizza Grilled Cheese
Cute and colorful city prints
An incredibly adorable owl sweater
Fall’s arrival. My favorite season!

image via a cup of jo


Preppy, classic clothes are always the first thing I’m drawn to. The clean lines, the timelessness; they get me every time. One of my goals this year is to start accessorizing more, adding a bit of pizzazz to my wardrobe. I love these classic looks with a bit of a modern touch.

one // two // three // four

All the Fall 2012 Collections are out and right now I’m dreaming of lady-like things.
While Kate Spade will always be my first love and go-to, the Diane von Furstenberg
Fall 2012 Collection is filled with gorgeous, shapely, feminine pieces that I adore.

I can’t wait for fall, but for now maybe I’ll settle on a sweet pair of shoes.

Click here to view the full collection.