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Landed back in Seattle today after a week of working on the east coast. Oh how I love New York City.
But more on that later. Right now I only have one thing on my mind – a great night’s sleep. I ran across this post on apartment therapy the other day on which plants can effect and aid sleep. Saved in my reader, knowing after all this travel we’ve been doing, I’d need to find a way to catch up a little on my sleep. Although I doubt I’ll need a reminder to hit the hay early tonight.

The final verdict? Jasmine is the most effective! Which makes me extremely happy, since I have a strange intolerance for lavender. And gardenia reminds me of the old lady perfume I sold back in the earliest of my retail days. Go jasmine! Now to just pick up a lovely potted plant for the bedroom.


Currently I am detoxing a bit, from an amazing holiday weekend spent in Vancouver (Canada) eating the most delicious things to excess. Have you tried poutine? We tried it… 5 times! (fortunately there were 6 of us to share it all!) There are so many amazing restaurants in Vancouver, but our favorites were the Salt Tasting Room and Cafe Medina. Two absolutely fabulous experiences.

phone pic of the magic at salt tasting room

Also currently…
adoring a style icon
seriously considering this iphone-charger toaster-style alarm clock
admiring illustration art
coveting sweet oxfords
ogling this home office
smiling at a beautiful local engagement party
embracing bedroom rules
imagining party ideas for our new neighborhood friends

Have a lovely week!