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In the spirit of being obsessed with Portland this week, I stumbled across these gorgeous Pendleton bags. I want them all!

photos via seaecho

This was our second weekend in a row in Portland, last weekend for a birthday and this one for a wedding. I always think of Seattle as such an amazing city for food, but Portland has really blown my mind these past few days. Peruvian tapas, the best biscuits & gravy in the country, maple bars with bacon and the most fantastic selection of food carts I’ve ever seen. And stellar service at every single place. I don’t know what they put in the water in Portland, but every person we encountered seemed to love their craft and love sharing it. Even at the hotel and shops. We’re putting it on our list of possible retirement locations – so much happy.

top: broccoli rabe scramble with fresh chevre at irving st kitchen
and a killer selection from voodoo doughnuts
bottom: breakfast nachos and the famous biscuits & gravy from mother’s bistro

top: our friends’ fabulous wedding at the Portland World Trade Center
bottom: Andina aftermath and the hilarious confetti on my reception plate

top: the library and bubbly at the urban farmer, drinks at the the top of the nines: departure
bottom: the best hangover cures at the original, more rooftop fun at departure

Two perfect weekends. We’ll be back, soon.

What a weekend! And I mean that in the best sort of way. I didn’t make much of a fuss about buying my wedding dress, but I’m so glad my sister did. She found the most amazing vintage shop down in Portland Oregon, Xtabay. We drove down for the weekend with our mom and a couple of my sister’s closest friends. We came, we mimosa-ed, we shopped. Then we had a little more fun.

I highly recommend Xtabay for the quintessential wedding dress shopping experience. Every detail was perfect. And when we’d finally seen enough, we hopped down to the main store downstairs and shopped a bit more. It was curated perfectly, every piece was a dream. I held back and just picked up a sweet, short yellow jacket for myself, but my sister really cleaned up.

After exploring a little more of Portland, we wined at dined at the Zeus Cafe (delicious! love those McMenamins spots!), hit the photo booth at the Ace Hotel, and danced the night away at Kell’s.
I’m thinking we should have ladies weekends more often.