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Started the morning off with a little hot yoga and I’m feeling rather refreshed. Then a fabulous lunch with a few favorite friends at Skillet, including the best poutine I’ve had outside of Canada. Yum! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

happy weekend

Here are a few of my favorite links from the week.

Taco Pickles? Yes please!
I’m thinking about a one piece swimsuit for the summer
How to color block your oxfords
These home state stamps would be a great gift
For the next party I want a giant confetti wall
My favorite ballet flats in a ton of new colors
A sweet and chocolatey twist on a krispy treat
Absolutely gorgeous Parisian lingerie

image via hawaiian coconut

We put off home buying to have a little fun this year and to pay down our debt a bit more. While I’m desperate for more space, a co-worker suggested renting in the neighborhood we’re thinking about buying in first. I think it’s brilliant! Our lease isn’t up for a while, but we’ve started looking. The one thing I’d love this time around is a true dining room. Two years back when we moved into our current apartment, we didn’t see ourselves entertaining much. Particularly during the holiday season, I’d love the chance and the space to host a dinner party!  And I have the new year’s on my mind…

dinner party party

good times / DIY glitter mason jars / dot garland / champagne lollipops

Being sick has kept me cooped up in the house a few too many days and I’ve been obsessing over the silliest things, like what color to paint my nails! I’m quite the fan of the fall trend of navy nails.
Last week I went neutral, but now I’m ready for something a littler bolder.

Some other lovely things from around the web this week:

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Cute and colorful city prints
An incredibly adorable owl sweater
Fall’s arrival. My favorite season!

image via a cup of jo


How was your weekend? My birthday is coming up this week, so we had a little celebration on Saturday. Just a casual get together, floating on a lake then a bit of BBQ… my favorite way to spend a warm day. Today we lounged about the house, doing a whole lot of nothing – my second favorite
way to spend a weekend day. Husband and I are starting to prepare for our adventure next month,
a long weekend in Vegas. I’m not much for gambling, but I’m really looking forward to the sun, great
food and a whole lot of down time. Now to just pick out a few new travel outfits… and maybe a few other lovely things…

summertime sangria
sweet little floral dress
this amazing thread of tuna salad recipes
how to make your own lampshade
a panty party!
the wise words of julia child
the softest tees and tanks
a perfect tote
birthday cake pancakes

image via the pursuit aesthetic

There’s nothing like a Wednesday off! I love two tiny 2-day work weeks. And sunny days! It’s not often that we get a sunny Fourth of July here in Seattle – the joke seems to be that summer starts July 5th every year. But not this year! We had a fabulous rooftop garden party at our friend/neighbor’s place, which was even lovelier since we didn’t have to get in the car and fight any holiday traffic. Yay!
Burgers, brews, lawn games and a fantastic turnout made for quite the day.

I’m officially on the prowl. My sister isn’t getting married until August 2013, but she is rather fabulous and I want my dress to do her proud as I stand beside her! And so, I’m officially moving on from casually browsing to seriously searching for the right dress. There’s not a definite theme or style yet, but something with a vintage feel in the perfect pale shade is where I’m starting. My first picks:

there is only you and me via bhldn

alfred sung via dessy

louiseomahony via etsy

The first of many!