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So aptly named, this super sweet and whimsical Amelie collection from Popbasic has stolen my heart. I have a sweet little bar necklace in gold that I love, so the jewelry here caught my eye right away. And the perfectly striped dress is something I would definitely wear year round, now with a sweater and leggings, or in the spring bare-legged with a pop of color!

popbasic amelie 01
popbasic amelie 02
popbasic amelie 03
popbasic amelie 04

images via popbasic

It’s becoming that time of the year when I’m sick of the dark and the cold, and ready for a little sunshine in my life. And while the sun may be no where to be found for the near future here in Seattle, I’m thinking a little color could lift these dreary winter spirits.


orange pop

shoes / sweater / necklace / bag

We went off today white water rafting over in Eastern Washington and had an absolutely fabulous time, but all the sun and physical exertion has me beat. I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be another lazy Sunday… which are usually my favorite kind of days.

obsessed with the above image from hip hip gin gin. love!
fall style in bright colors
a dreamy book of hidden spaces
perfect shiny oxfords
this fresh summer cocktail
considering a one-piece swimsuit for the first time
wood and diamonds
french onion soup grilled cheese. ’nuff said.
on creating the perfect room
the lightest and sweetest breakfast

so many beautiful things! hope your weekend is just as lovely!


Hooray! My second Stitch Fix is here! If you didn’t see my first fix, Stitch Fix is a subscription style service that sends you a box full of goodies once a month, depending on your preferences. And this box was even better than the first! I have the feeling the boxes will get better as they go, since the stylist team allows you to give quite a bit of feedback on each item.


  • Karine Sultan Cube Necklace $88
  • Ark & Co Colorblock Blazer $70
  • Viereck Saruka V-Neck Dress $115
  • Fraiche Ollie Grey & Orange Neon Top $70
  • Jack by BB Dakota Kendra Orange Leaves Dress $70

This one was half fabulous, half meh. Love, love, love the necklace! The stylist followed my notes about my gold preferences perfectly – this piece is lovely! And the Ark & Co Blazer fits so well.
Here’s a better photo of the blazer fit, in another color:

These two are definite keepers. The Viereck dress is a little clingy for my taste, but the pattern is pretty. The Fraiche Neon top is very cute from the back, but a little too sporty for my personal style. And the BB Dakota dress is adorable, but fits strangely around the top. So bummed! It’s very cute, but probably can’t be altered quite the way I’d like.  As a whole, I was very happy with this shipment! And two things are staying with me this time! Hooray!

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, click here to join their beta test. They’re not open to the public quite yet, but once you put in a request, I hear it’s usually only a 2 or 3 day wait to start. You pay $20 which becomes a credit toward any of the items in your box. You can request a box as often as you’d like!
Happy style hunting!

Today I got a special surprise in the mail – my first Stitch Fix! It’s a subscription style service that sends you a box full of goodies once a month, depending on your style and price preferences. You can get super specific with your preferences or choose “I want to see it all!”
I’m always wanting to try something new, but constantly stuck in the same old ruts, so getting a box full of goodies picked out just for me everything month is a great way for me to break out, while still being able to send back anything that isn’t really me.

This afternoon I came home to a box with these beauties:

  • Line and Dot Embroidered Silk Top $66
  • Ladakh Floral Lattice Back Tunic Dress $118
  • BB Dakota Red Stripe Maxi Dress $105
  • Charlie Jade Strapless Silk Dress $98
  • David Aubrey Turquoise Spike Necklace $75

So much fun stuff! Unfortunately, the tops and dresses ran a little big (which was completely my fault and I’ve updated my size profile – oops!), so I’m sending them back this time, but I’m already ready for another box! The silk top was by far the cutest, and I loved the maxi too – if only they were a tiny bit smaller. The floral tunic and the silk dress didn’t fit my body as well as I would like, and the fabrics weren’t my favorite, but this stylist was definitely on the right track. The necklace was fabulous, but the gold was just a little too yellow for me… I’m a little neurotic about gold. It has to be just the right shade. Overall, I was extremely pleased and will be requesting a new box soon!

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, click here to join their beta test They’re not open to the public quite yet!
You pay $20 which becomes a credit toward any of the items in your box.  Although I didn’t keep any this time, I’m very happy with the experience and am excited to try again. I’ll keep you posted!