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Ah! I received a message today “I can’t believe it’s already December!” I definitely knew it was coming, but just didn’t expect it to be here so soon. And so it has begun! And the first list: kitchen wishes. A few great ideas for the chef in your life!

non-stick baking mat
A non-stick baking mat! If I baked more, I’d have 10 already.

foldable grater
A foldable grater! Genius. I have at least 3 that are either too difficult to hold or too big for the drawer. This one is perfect.

cutting board colander
I think this sink gripping cutting board & strainer combo would help me make a little bit less of a mess in the kitchen (and I think my dear husband would be grateful!)

reusable food saver
These awesome reusable food savers! How many times do you use just half an onion?

magnetic stickers
Although these magnetic stickers are shown in the bathroom, I’m pretty sure I could find a use for them in every room.

So many fun little goodies! Still dreaming of that bigger kitchen…

Happy Friday! I hope your holiday weekend is filled with friends, family & food.
We’ll be grilling for sure and crossing our fingers for no rain!

provisions 2 provisions

Provisions, the gorgeous shop of my favorite recipe site food52, is giving away $30 credits to new customers when you spend $50. They have everything from beautiful copper dishes to french fry cutters to DIY Gin making kits to the most delicious almond butters you’ve ever seen. I recently bought this “tap it” cap so my darling husband can keep his beer carbonated a little longer in the growler. Love!

Click here to claim your credit!