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The January Cure has officially begun! And I’m officially two steps in. Phew! What’s the January Cure you say? It’s this wonderful idea from Apartment Therapy on how to get your home organized.

They said it best:
“Do you want 2015 to be your best year yet? We believe that when your home is under control, fresh, clean and organized, good things happen throughout your life. If you are ready to get your place back in shape, the very best way is one manageable step at a time, during our once-a-year-only January Cure. By the end of the month, you’ll be sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home. We can do this – together!”

January Cure 01

I love that the weekend assignments include flowers. Really does brighten up the place.
Yesterday I tackled the list. I did a walk-through of the whole house, and wrote down notes of all the little projects and things that need to be taken care of. And I’m posting it here so that I’m a little more committed to it (eek).

  • Living Room
    Clear out the clutter from the living room
    Create a better mail/bills organization
    File the mail/bill things that are laying about
    Hang all the wall things
    Reorganize both book shelves to mix/match items and books
  • Kitchen/Dining
    Clear out the clutter from the dining room
    Find a place for the extra pots, pans & large appliances
    Reorganize the bar
    Put away the extraneous things that are on top of the fridge
    Find a better more accessible place for cookbooks
  • Bedroom
    Clean out and sell/donate old clothes
    Organize my nightstand
    Hang all the wall things
    Reorganize the shoe closet
  • Basement
    Fix the vent in the downstairs bathroom
    Reorganize the downstairs bathroom closet/toss old makeup things
    Rearrange the area around the ellyptical for better use
    Get a lampshade for the Guest Room
    Put the remaining tiles up around the pole

It looks like a WHOLE LOT, but the idea isn’t necessarily to get everything on your list done this month, but to locate trouble spots, set goals, and begin a new rhythm of staying organized. And I could really use the help!
There’s still time to sign up here if you’re interested. xoxo

Ah! I received a message today “I can’t believe it’s already December!” I definitely knew it was coming, but just didn’t expect it to be here so soon. And so it has begun! And the first list: kitchen wishes. A few great ideas for the chef in your life!

non-stick baking mat
A non-stick baking mat! If I baked more, I’d have 10 already.

foldable grater
A foldable grater! Genius. I have at least 3 that are either too difficult to hold or too big for the drawer. This one is perfect.

cutting board colander
I think this sink gripping cutting board & strainer combo would help me make a little bit less of a mess in the kitchen (and I think my dear husband would be grateful!)

reusable food saver
These awesome reusable food savers! How many times do you use just half an onion?

magnetic stickers
Although these magnetic stickers are shown in the bathroom, I’m pretty sure I could find a use for them in every room.

So many fun little goodies! Still dreaming of that bigger kitchen…

Happy Friday! I hope your holiday weekend is filled with friends, family & food.
We’ll be grilling for sure and crossing our fingers for no rain!

provisions 2 provisions

Provisions, the gorgeous shop of my favorite recipe site food52, is giving away $30 credits to new customers when you spend $50. They have everything from beautiful copper dishes to french fry cutters to DIY Gin making kits to the most delicious almond butters you’ve ever seen. I recently bought this “tap it” cap so my darling husband can keep his beer carbonated a little longer in the growler. Love!

Click here to claim your credit!

I know this store is supposedly for kids, but I am completely obsessed! It’s a great mix of cute and classic, with fun colors, clean lines and great art. It has just the right touch of whimsy.

neon-nightstand and lamps

So many great lamps! How could you ever choose just one?! But it’s the little neon nightstand that has caught my eye. We don’t have room for it now, but it’s definitely high on my wish list.


These little honeycomb shelves are just the cutest. I’ve got some cute little Johnathan Adler pieces I think would look just perfect on these geometric beauties.


Gorgeous, anthro-esque bedding. I’m thinking this might look great in the guest room…


And seriously fab wall art! We just bought a sweet little piece of canvas for the bedroom, but this one would look fantastic in the kitchen.

I’m sure I’ll find another 50 things I’m in love with by the end of the night. Their rugs are lovely too…

images via land of nod

We’re renting right now but once we’re ready to buy, I know one thing I want is a big kitchen with a million useful things filling it up. Chalkboard walls covered in notes and recipes, pots and pans hung up for all to see, big windows to cook by the light of day, and all my silly little tools organized in all the cupboard space a cook could dream of.

tasty tuesday kitchen
via tasty tuesday

rural girl kitchen
via rural girl

meggie lynne mug wall
via meggie lynne

What do you dream of?

We moved this weekend! It was the hottest weekend yet and we spent all of Saturday moving and unpacking, but it was completely worth it to be able to sit on our own back patio yesterday as the sun went down, enjoying this gorgeous Seattle weather (more house photos coming soon!). I was rooting around the internet last week looking for decor inspiration when I stumbled back across the amazing work of Todd Selby again and spent a little time perusing the amazing spaces of Gray Foy and Joel Kaye. I love the color choices in their home, interesting pieces of art and unique use of space. And the lighting! I can’t wait to get an amazing light fixture…

Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 01
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 02
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 03
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 04
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 05
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 06

images via the selby

We did it! We found a little house in my favorite neighborhood that we fell in love with! We’re moving in next month and I can hardly wait. The owner is nearly finished with the renovations and it is so lovely! We’ll be renting, so that we can save a little more money before we buy, and so we’re sure this is where we want to commit. But I can imagine us staying in this house for a few years at least!

unfinished front
One of the things I’m most thrilled about is the gigantic back yard. There are three levels (top two shown below). There will be a small patio area, a grassy area above and a huge space for gardening at the back of the yard. I plan on growing as much food as possible! We’re thinking greens and herbs and onions and garlic and… what else grows well in Western Washington? I’m hoping eventually half of what I eat (at least in the summer!) comes from our garden.


images via my iphone

So, it’s official, we’ve decided to move. Soon-ish. Hopefully. But we’re not quite ready to buy yet. After much discussion, the official plan is to rent in the neighborhood we’re hoping to buy in for a year, to get a feel for the area first. But I still want a house! A yard! And not just any yard, I want to grow vegetables. A few springs past we grew vegetables in pots on the top of our apartment building. The greens flourished, but everything else was a bit pathetic. I think we made poor choices for our grey Seattle weather. A friend mentioned that root vegetables do well here. Carrots, beets, parsnips, rutabaga, radishes, turnips, potatoes, onions…! Hooray! I’m really hoping we find a place this spring with a great yard.

garden haul

Have you ever grown anything successfully? Any tips for this newbie gardener/dreamer?

image via jackson free press