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The long awaited return of Shanna Murray is here! I fell in love with her gorgeous hand made pieces long ago. The wall decals, downloadable art and giftables in her shop are so lovely. And she even did a few things for West Elm! Her photos and art have been gracing the backdrop of our laptop for months now and these new prize ribbons just in time for Valentine’s Day are the sweetest.

shanna murray 1
shanna murray 2
shanna murray 3

images via shanna murray

I’m in love with this DIY sequin top idea from Say Yes to Hoboken. So cute! So fun! And so easy.
Just  iron-on transfer paper, a little sequin fabric and you’re ready to go! Might be time to bring a little sparkle to some of those old sweaters and tees.

DIY heart sequin sweater

click here for complete directions

My favorite weekend, all my favorite people, my favorite comfort foods. We have a big family and thanksgiving is always quite the event. Three turkeys, 2 enormous trays of stuffing, giants vats of mashed potatoes and gravy, and an army of sides from all sides of the family. And a few favorite friends too! Plus night two – Friendsgiving! A few old friends, more food and hilarious games. And all the leftovers my heart could desire. While I like to eat the leftover stuffing straight with a little gravy on top, my favorite post-holiday meal is whipping up a batch of turkey noodle soup with my aunt’s amazing stock.

Turkey Noodle Soup
measurements are approximations!

8 cups homemade turkey stock
1 1/2 cups shredded leftover turkey
3 celery sticks, diced
1 large white onion, diced
3 medium carrots, diced
2 tablespoons butter or olive oil
1 1/2 cups noodles (I prefer wide egg noodles)
1 tsp ground thyme

In a large pot, heat the oil or butter over medium-high heat. Add celery, carrots, onion and thyme and cook until onion softens, about 5 minutes. Add stock and bring to a simmer. Add noodles and cook until noodles are just tender, about 10 minutes. Add the turkey, then salt and pepper to taste. Turn the heat to medium-low and cook until the turkey is heated through. Serve hot.

images via instagram

My favorite sort of wedding DIYs are the sort that are good for something besides just a wedding! I had all these grand plans to craft for my wedding, but really never got it together in time. This tote feels like the perfect place to start. I adore Liz of Say Yes To Hoboken‘s  Blank Canvas Tutorials, and the beautifully simple neon dot tutorial is definitely my fave. Maybe a craft party is in order! Haven’t had one since I was about twelve…

So cute! All you need is a blank canvas bag, fabric paint and a pencil.

Click here for the full instructions.

I was surfing my favorite home inspiration site offbeat home the other day and came across this fabulous DIY from the crafty chica. A glitter floor! Wow! I love the idea of this in the kitchen, or to add a little kick to a basement. Doesn’t that floor just scream dance party?

from the crafty chica:
Here’s how I covered and sealed my floor in glitter:

1 garage floor coating kit (found at home improvement stores)
2 paint rollers, handle, 2 trays
1 scrub brush for cleaning the floor before you start
1 bucket and mop
6-8 jars of chunky glitter, bowl
1 brush for edging
1 gallon of water-based polyurethane varnish, high gloss
Fans, open windows!

1. Use the cleaner in the kit to fully clean your floor. Mix it in the bucket, scrub, rinse with mop.
2. Scrape off any glue, patch holes, let dry.
3. Mix the two parts of paint mixture according to package directions. Stir vigorously. Seriously, this stuff is just like resin, you have to mix it really good or it won’t work!
4. Pour into one paint tray, use a brush to paint the edges of the room.
5. Now use one of the rollers to paint a section of the room.
6. Throw handfuls of glitter in the air so it lands evenly. Don’t throw or toss it like chicken feed or it will land in piles or splotches.
7. Keep working section by section, make sure to add glitter to cover the section lines so it will all blend.
8. If you want light glitter, just lightly toss. If you want heavy glitter, spread generously (like mine!).
9. Let dry over night, extra if you live in a humid climate. Use push broom to sweep off excess glitter. Scrub away areas that are too thick, you want it to all be even. Sweep up extra and toss it.
10. Open can of varnish, pour in the second paint tray and use second roller to apply an even coat. Let dry and add another coat. Repeat four or five times. You want the floor to be smooth so you can wipe up any spills.
11. Let dry for 2-3 days before moving in furniture or walking on it.

– If you use the flakes that come with the kit, toss those first and then add the glitter.
– Keep the window open in the room, keep the fans going. It’s stinky!
– If you miss a spot, don’t try to backtrack while the paint is wet, your feet will stick to the floor. I know from experience!

Click through here for the video tutorial!

Spotted this amazing DIY on HonestlyWTF today – Studded Sneakers! So cute and tough.
Great summer shoes! I’ve always been such a fan of Vans, and this is a sweet update.

You’ll need:
a pair of sneakers
150 – 200 brass cone spikes
E6000 adhesive
a disposable container or popsicle stick
a toothpick

Start by squeezing a small amount of E6000 into a disposable container or onto a wooden popsicle stick. Dispensing a small amount at a time prevents the glue from drying too quickly. Using the tip of a toothpick, apply a small dollop of glue onto the back of a spike.

Press the spike into the sneaker, holding it in place for a few seconds.

Continue adding spikes along the shoe’s baseline and working upwards in horizontal lines.

Arrange the spikes, without glue, into awkward spaces before attaching them.
Glue spikes onto the heel cap, again working horizontally.

Allow the shoes to dry overnight before wearing them!

HonestlyWTF is doing a giveaway with Vans! Click the link and leave a comment to be entered to win. Good luck! <Contest is now closed.>

images via honestlywtf

It’s beautiful outside here in Seattle! I have the feeling this is going to be a historically warm summer for us. I’m not one for real heat, but for now I’ll enjoy the crisp warm days as we transition from spring with outdoor lounging, grilling and bare legs earlier in the season than I’ve ever dared.

Here are a few of my favorites from around the web, on this sunny slothful Sunday.

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I’ve had this Ikea piece in my closet forever and I love this makeover.
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Wildfox Kids, a look book even grown-ups could use for inspiration.

image via vanda vintage