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Last night we got together for an early Hanukkah celebration with the husband’s family. It’s so fun having so many new traditions! Although, there was a little bit too much pre-dinner noshing, and we ended up too full and lazy to make latkes (oops!). This year, we decided to incorporate games into the mix and Scattergories made the first cut.

I am terrible at this game, but still absolutely love it. My all time favorite is Balderdash, another word game, where you get to make up word definitions and try to figure out which one is real. It can get very silly! I’m hoping to introduce it at the next family event, if I can ever tear my immediate family away from their dear, dear love of Apples to Apples (always fun, always a big hit).

What’s your favorite game to play with friends and loved ones?

Today was a rather productive Sunday, for once. Usually I end up spending half the day deciding
on our dinner menu for the week and putting together a grocery list… and that’s about it. This week, we made it to the grocery store and started our holiday shopping. Finally.

We’ve still got quite a few people to buy for, but this weekend’s bit of shopping was fairly
successful and started to get me into the swing of the season. That and the two holiday parties!
Here are a few things I’m considering for my nearest & dearest:

Saw this sparkly sweater in store today & could hardly resist.
and these sweet little charms.
a fox print baby sweatshirt.
one sassy tote bag.
some homemade fun.
a sweet swingy dress.
scotch nail trio.
a year in travel.
vintage kitchen.
jonathan adler does hanukkah.
an artist’s cheese palette.

Happy gift hunting!

Thanks to our amazing blended family, December is packed with holidays. First up, Hanukkah, then the Solstice, and Christmas!  Although I’ve dragged my feet, per the usual, on holiday shopping, I have been hoping to at least package my last minute gifts well! Here are a few of my favorite simple ideas this season:

A simple snowflake from How About Orange:

Confetti Fun with Hip Hip Hooray:

Stamped & personalized from The Haystack Needle:

Simple, lovely yarn from Martha Stewart:

Fabulous! Now off to find presents to wrap!