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Back from a temporary hiatus! It was a long week and then a friend’s swanky birthday weekend in Portland. I am beat! The one productive thing I did last week was get my hair done. My color was sad, washed out – it was long overdue. I got to chatting with my favorite gal about maybe doing something a bit more interesting next time, so we set an appointment to put a panel of purple in my bangs. Eep! Hopefully I won’t chicken out; I never do anything fun. I need to start working on actual style too. This lovely lady’s tough hair inspired me to seek out one with a little more oomph.

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Happy Friday! The happiest of Fridays for me. I’m not quite done with jury duty, but my new job promotion starts officially on Monday! Hooray! Whenever a big change comes along in my life, I like to make a small one to ring it in. Generally, that means new sheets when I move into a new apartment, but this time I’m thinking new hair. My amazing hair stylist is going to be so excited. Usually when I comes to my hair, I am rather, um, boring. I chopped it off once in high school, and went from blonde to brunette a few years back, but other than that? … Yeah. Not much.
While I’d love to do something totally out there, this isn’t quite the time to do it. So I’m thinking something fun, stylish and just a bit more grown up than my current lack of style.


Faux hawk.

Short cut.

Lavender. Some day.