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Oh man, this one was a winner! I loved every product and the cute travel themed postcard set that was included. BirchBox is tied for my favorite monthly subscription [with Rocksbox] and I most definitely have tried more than a few! Part of it is being an ex-cosmetics sales rep & artist and part is my obsession with great new beauty products that is fulfilled every month with this tiny box of awesome.

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  • Color Club Wanderlust Nail Collection: London Calling. This bright, nearly neon green jumped out at me the moment I opened the box – so much that I sat down and put it on right there. I love it! Great texture and it held up through two nights so far! $8 for four colors is quite the steal.
  • Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder is awesome. I have a super oily t-zone and my pores disappeared the moment I dusted this on. I’ll definitely be tossing out my old powder and adding this to my daily routine. Stood up to a late night party in a warm, muggy bar. My skin looked great all evening.
  • Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk has a great texture. It feels so much lighter and fresher than most of the dry shampoos I’ve tried. My hair felt much less powdery and more like I had recently washed it. I don’t use dry shampoos often, because I’m still a shampoo-almost-every-day kind of girl, but I’ll go to this one first next time I need it.
  • 29 Preserves Skin Care Collection Sunday morning I woke up after a long night out with thirsty, tired skin. I broke open the Serum Extract and felt instantly revived. It was rich yet light and soaked into my dry skin, immediately making it feel fresh and soft.  The Eye Emulsion saved my sad tired eyes. The scent wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t the worst either. That night I tried the Cream Cleanser and was completely wowed. I haven’t tried a cream cleanser in years because my skin is fairly oily, but this one left my face feeling clean and bright. And the scent was delicious! The Night Moisture came last and was lovely, but nothing to shout about. The serum and the cleanser are definitely on my list of favorites.

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Back from a temporary hiatus! It was a long week and then a friend’s swanky birthday weekend in Portland. I am beat! The one productive thing I did last week was get my hair done. My color was sad, washed out – it was long overdue. I got to chatting with my favorite gal about maybe doing something a bit more interesting next time, so we set an appointment to put a panel of purple in my bangs. Eep! Hopefully I won’t chicken out; I never do anything fun. I need to start working on actual style too. This lovely lady’s tough hair inspired me to seek out one with a little more oomph.

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My mother has been raving about these new hair products for months, and then over our Portland weekend she showed me all her new ‘little baby hairs’ (as she likes to call them). While I’m generally a pretty serious skeptic about hair product, she did have quite a bit of new growth.
And then she pulls out a bag full of product – for me! What a sweet mommy! She definitely knows how much I despise my thin, flat, lifeless hair – we lament over our sad hair genes all the time.
All I dream of is volume! I even tried the Rogaine shampoo once, but didn’t really notice a difference. But after seeing the thrill on my mother’s face, I’m ready to give it a shot.

It’s only been a few days, but I’m already a bit in love. The tingle! The Kleen shampoo and Mint conditioner are such a magic combo, my scalp feels amazing. But it’s the thickening serum that’s really got me. Starts tingling right away, which practically has me convinced it’s working already.
I’ll let you know when I start seeing my own new little baby hairs sprouting up!

Confession time: It may have been this photo of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Miki’s facebook that convinced me this stuff must be awesome.

Happy Friday! The happiest of Fridays for me. I’m not quite done with jury duty, but my new job promotion starts officially on Monday! Hooray! Whenever a big change comes along in my life, I like to make a small one to ring it in. Generally, that means new sheets when I move into a new apartment, but this time I’m thinking new hair. My amazing hair stylist is going to be so excited. Usually when I comes to my hair, I am rather, um, boring. I chopped it off once in high school, and went from blonde to brunette a few years back, but other than that? … Yeah. Not much.
While I’d love to do something totally out there, this isn’t quite the time to do it. So I’m thinking something fun, stylish and just a bit more grown up than my current lack of style.


Faux hawk.

Short cut.

Lavender. Some day.