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I’ve been working hard to introduce more greens and life into our home.
I started with a lovely string of pearls:

string of pearls
image via garden design

….and a few succulents

raudette succulents

But now I’m thinking bigger. And leafier.

large leaf indoor plant

And with accessories.

bullet planter

image via red house west. Click through for DIY planter directions!

And maybe some awesome air plant wall fixtures and lovely hanging planters.

RedRaven Handmade porcelain keepsakes

image via etsy, red raven studios

etsy pixel dust design co hanging planter

image via etsy, pixel dust design co

We did it! We found a little house in my favorite neighborhood that we fell in love with! We’re moving in next month and I can hardly wait. The owner is nearly finished with the renovations and it is so lovely! We’ll be renting, so that we can save a little more money before we buy, and so we’re sure this is where we want to commit. But I can imagine us staying in this house for a few years at least!

unfinished front
One of the things I’m most thrilled about is the gigantic back yard. There are three levels (top two shown below). There will be a small patio area, a grassy area above and a huge space for gardening at the back of the yard. I plan on growing as much food as possible! We’re thinking greens and herbs and onions and garlic and… what else grows well in Western Washington? I’m hoping eventually half of what I eat (at least in the summer!) comes from our garden.


images via my iphone

There’s nothing like a Wednesday off! I love two tiny 2-day work weeks. And sunny days! It’s not often that we get a sunny Fourth of July here in Seattle – the joke seems to be that summer starts July 5th every year. But not this year! We had a fabulous rooftop garden party at our friend/neighbor’s place, which was even lovelier since we didn’t have to get in the car and fight any holiday traffic. Yay!
Burgers, brews, lawn games and a fantastic turnout made for quite the day.