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What a week! We survived it all, even with a power outage today at my parents’ place. We warmed ourselves with a roaring fire, hilariously named hard cider and board games by candle light.
It turned out to be a incredibly lovely and memorable day.
(I also got everyone to play Balderdash! Hooray!)

I hope your season has been filled with family, friends, food and all the things that make you happy!

Thanks to our amazing blended family, December is packed with holidays. First up, Hanukkah, then the Solstice, and Christmas! ¬†Although I’ve dragged my feet, per the usual, on holiday shopping, I have been hoping to at least package my last minute gifts well! Here are a few of my favorite simple ideas this season:

A simple snowflake from How About Orange:

Confetti Fun with Hip Hip Hooray:

Stamped & personalized from The Haystack Needle:

Simple, lovely yarn from Martha Stewart:

Fabulous! Now off to find presents to wrap!