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I’ve been perusing my sister’s wedding board on Pinterest more and more, as we start nailing down her wedding style and the particulars of the bridesmaids’ dresses. And I’m loving it.

Vintage Style

Sweet Accessories

Gorgeous Hair

Love! The latest is that we’ll be getting custom vintage style dresses from Etsy and I can’t wait to see all the fabrics she picks out! Now I need to start looking for shoes…

I’m officially on the prowl. My sister isn’t getting married until August 2013, but she is rather fabulous and I want my dress to do her proud as I stand beside her! And so, I’m officially moving on from casually browsing to seriously searching for the right dress. There’s not a definite theme or style yet, but something with a vintage feel in the perfect pale shade is where I’m starting. My first picks:

there is only you and me via bhldn

alfred sung via dessy

louiseomahony via etsy

The first of many!

My sister is getting married next summer and she’s been pinning away wedding ideas. Next month we’re hitting Portland together to scour the vintage shops for bridesmaid dresses, but more recently I’ve been dreaming of wedding hair. I’m thinking something slightly messy to go with her vision of the day. Honestly, I am completely incompetent when it comes to hair styling myself, but I’m determined to track down the perfect picture to show my favorite hair gal!

left // right // bottom