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Hooray! My second Stitch Fix is here! If you didn’t see my first fix, Stitch Fix is a subscription style service that sends you a box full of goodies once a month, depending on your preferences. And this box was even better than the first! I have the feeling the boxes will get better as they go, since the stylist team allows you to give quite a bit of feedback on each item.


  • Karine Sultan Cube Necklace $88
  • Ark & Co Colorblock Blazer $70
  • Viereck Saruka V-Neck Dress $115
  • Fraiche Ollie Grey & Orange Neon Top $70
  • Jack by BB Dakota Kendra Orange Leaves Dress $70

This one was half fabulous, half meh. Love, love, love the necklace! The stylist followed my notes about my gold preferences perfectly – this piece is lovely! And the Ark & Co Blazer fits so well.
Here’s a better photo of the blazer fit, in another color:

These two are definite keepers. The Viereck dress is a little clingy for my taste, but the pattern is pretty. The Fraiche Neon top is very cute from the back, but a little too sporty for my personal style. And the BB Dakota dress is adorable, but fits strangely around the top. So bummed! It’s very cute, but probably can’t be altered quite the way I’d like.  As a whole, I was very happy with this shipment! And two things are staying with me this time! Hooray!

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, click here to join their beta test. They’re not open to the public quite yet, but once you put in a request, I hear it’s usually only a 2 or 3 day wait to start. You pay $20 which becomes a credit toward any of the items in your box. You can request a box as often as you’d like!
Happy style hunting!

Another day in court. Another day of jury duty. I take my duty very seriously, but must admit my mind does occasionally wander. I’ve been pondering the style of the lawyers a bit. One a man, simply dressed in a basic suit. The other, a woman, whose outfits vary a bit more from the suit options. I tend to dress a bit more formal for my office usually, although working in the retail industry I try to add a touch of trend. But if I had to maintain a certain presence in court?
I might lean this way:

Clockwise from top left: one / two / three / four / five