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Some people opt for no bouquet at all – which I love because then the whole focus is on you! but I needed a little something to hang onto. And some are probably still as in love with the idea of bouquet options as I am. For those with a little less traditional style…

Seashell Bouquet for thar beautiful beach wedding!


Artichokes! My favorite!


Or something more futuristic? I’m in love with this gorgeous metal piece.

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I mean, at this point you know getting that bright pink box in the mail, filled with goodies, is basically my favorite ever… so many good ones this time. Per the usual :)


  • Dr. Brandt Pores No More Cleanser : If you don’t know I LOVE Dr Brandt products (particularly the pores no more line), then you haven’t been hanging around long enough. This cleanser was no exception! I’d been looking for a new one and bought this immediately.
  • Helmut Lang Cuiron : A surprising fragrance. Often they’re too heavy for me, but this was clean, bright and citrusy.
  • 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream : OMG this was the winner! It smells amazing!! I bought it immediately. I love the way my eyes look and feel. Definitely a keeper.
  • Rene Furterer ABSOLUE KÉRATINE Sublime Renewal Leave-in Cream : Delicious smelling, left my hair super soft. A little much for everyday, but great a for a weekly treatment.
  • Model Co Lipstick in Stiletto : FAVE. I love a good red, and this is now on my list of faves. A little more moisturizing than my usual, but with great staying power. I think Model Co lipsticks might be the best ever.modelco_stiletto_selfie2_raudette

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Always a winner! This box was full of goodies as usual. Some well known brands’ new items I knew would be great! And a few fun new brands too.



St. Tropez Gradual Tan Shower Lotion I knew the name, knew the brand was known to be the best in self-tanning, but had doubts about this product. And I was definitely wrong. It’s really easy to use, goes on evenly and gives a perfect glow. And just out of the shower feels like the perfect time to get a little self-tanning done. I’ll be working on this gradual tan for our upcoming Vegas trip!

Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-in Smoothing Fluid My hair is so fine and straight already, I tend not to use products like this. But it did leave my hair shiny and not feeling too weighed down. I imagine this would work great for someone whose hair has a bit more texture.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Exfoliant LOVE Dr. Brandt products and this was no exception. Super fine scrubbers and calming/healing ingredients make this my favorite manual exfoliant yet! My skin felt super smooth but not overworked. I will definitely be buying this.

OPI Nail Lacquer Venice Collection: Amore at the Grand Canal OPI is always my go-to for reasonably priced, quality polish. And this was no exception. A great classic red, with slightly deeper tones. Perfect for heading into fall.

LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip Tints This went on super smooth and light. Loved the texture and it is the perfect on-the-go cheek color (the shade was a bit too light for me for lip). I keep it in my purse for a little extra color in the afternoon!

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Wow! As a lifetime Nordstrom shopper, I never knew. Now there are things that I think are always worth the splurge, but some of these awesome products are as good (if not better!) than their pricier counterparts. Thrilled!

ubu blender baby foundation sponge


UBU Blender Baby Foundation Sponge


I started out a beauty blender convert after years of preferring to blend by hand over that of a brush. But the beauty blender changed it all for me! I love the way it distributes the makeup, I get even coverage with less on my face. Then I tried the UBU sponge, and found I actually prefer it! It’s a little denser in texture, and my foundation goes on super smoothly. I use it in the same way as recommended for the beauty blender:
– Get it soaked with water
– Wring it out completely before applying my foundation.

Defintely my favorite steal I’ve found this year!



NYX soft matte lip cream


NYX soft matte lip creams

Bold colors, creamy textures with staying power!
My favorite colors:
– Amderstam, a true, bold, bright red
– Addis Ababa, a bright fuchsia
– Morocco, a lovely orange-red

You know I love a bold bright lip! They have some gorgeous nude options too, Stockholm is a lovely shade to try!
You can buy online, but I like to shop color in person. Nordstrom Rack is one of my faves for a full selection.

johnson and johnson head to toe baby wash



Johnson & Johnson
Baby Head-to-Toe Wash

My friend Regi turned me onto this as an eye makeup remover. Made for babies, it’s incredibly gentle, yet removes all my eye makeup with so little rubbing. It’s even safe for my eyelash extensions!

(ps) Regi does the best eyelash extensions in the great seattle area!

raudette lashes




monistat chafing gel primer
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel This last Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel This last one was a bit of a shocker to me, but my friend Michelle recommded it and I had to try! I’ve been using it in place of my foundation primer for the past month, and it’s a winner! I’d say it definitely comparable to Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer and would work for just about any skin type. At a quarter of the price, it’s quite the deal.


Check out my full beauty wish list here:


100% all over primers these past few months. I’ve been doing everything I can to get my skin in the best shape (cleanse! moisturize! exfloiate! not too much! AHAs! Vitamin C! Whatevs!), but I still have this oily t-zone and makeup that just slides off part of my face halfway through the day. In come the foundation primers to save the day!

smashbox photo finish primers

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – This was my first primer. It’s fantastic and definitely helps my makeup stay on longer. What I love is the range of shades and skin types. I usually stick to the original, but I’ve tried the color correcting; pore minimizing and blemish control are next on my list (this oily, oily skin needs a little more). I’d definitely recommend the classic for most skin types, and the hydrating for dry skin. The yellow reduces redness and the pink is great for dark spots and discoloration. There’s even an SPF primer now with anti-aging! Seriously, something for everyone!

studio gear prime objective face primer

Studio Gear Primer Objective Face Primer – This one surprised me. I’d never heard of the brand prior, but tried a sample and was pretty impressed. I think this one has a similar texture to the Smashbox, but feels a litle more heavy duty. Great for my oily skin, or for someone who likes a little more of a “done” look.

dr brandt pores no more

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – LOVE this one for my oily skin. Feels less like a primer, more like skincare. It’s super light but still smooths out my pores and helps my makeup stay on all day. It’s a little pricier ($45 vs. the average $30-$35 here), but I think it’s worth it. I definitely want to try out the rest of the Pores No More line. Particularly the Mattifying Lotion and Pore Vacuum Cleaner (I love a good pore clearing mask!).

benefit the pore fessional

Benefit the Pore-fessional – I sauntered over to the Benefit counter to check out their famous brow bar and ended up walking away with a sample of this Pore-fessional and was so impressed. It has the light feeling of the Dr. Brandt with the same pore minimizing power. Great for everyday or even a lighter look.

urban decay primer potion

Urban Decay Primer Potion – How did I not know that the majority of this line is vegan? or AMAZING? Urban Decay has been under my radar for WAY too long. The Primer Potion is serious stuff. Definitely the most heavy duty, professional of the primers, but still feels great on my skin. This is my top pick for the longest, lasting, most matte, most flawless finish. This is the one I go to for events, weddings, all-day anythings. Urban Decay, I’m hooked.

In the end, Dr. Brandt Pores No More is my go-to every day. I love the lightweight texture; it works best under the BB creams I’ve been trying lately. My friend Michelle turned me onto to an awesome alternative (it isn’t a primer but works just like one!). I’ve been testing it out lately and will have more details soon! xoxo.

Check out my full beauty wish list here:


What a haul! I’m totally impressed with this super reasonably priced brand.

ELF eyes lips face _ raudette review

HD Mattifying Cream Foundation $6.00 — Goes on creamy and light, but dries matte and with just enough coverage. This ended up being my favorite in the end. I carry it with me everywhere, it’s perfect for touchups.

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter $3.00 — The concealer was a little too light, I felt like it brought out my under eye circles. Maybe for someone paler. But I love the highlighter! Great for the brow line.

Corrective Concealer $3.00 — I love mixing these with my other concealer to specialize them a bit. Pink for under eyes, Green for breakouts & redness, Yellow for bruising or deep under eye circles, Blue to neutralize orange spots and tan lines.

HD Mattifying Balm $6.00 — Liked this one a whole lot, not as much as my regular primers. Nice for a touch up in the afternoon when my foundation isn’t quite doing the job.

Eye Widener, White $1.00 — This one was ok. The white went on and worked as a eye widener, but I think the texture could be a little creamier. It was a little tough to apply.

High Definition Powder $6.00 — I wanted to love this. I was in need of a simple setting powder, but this one just wasn’t finely ground enough and left an uneven texture.

While not every style was a winner, I will definitely be checking out more from e.l.f.


Check out my full beauty wish list here: