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Free People has always been one of my husband’s favorite brands. I love it in the summer, it’s easy breezy look and feel, but in the fall I’ve always gravitated toward a more structured look. Until now.
Plaid has been near and dear to my hear ever since my first plaid of plaid skinny pants I loved to death (or at least, until knee holes) in high school. The Free People August Lookbook is dripping with gorgeous plaids and mixed prints that make me pine for the turn to autumn.

Also, something about the Desperately Seeking Susan vibe of this model’s look makes me rather nostalgic and wanting to hit the video store… do they still have those?

images via fashion gone rogue

We went off today white water rafting over in Eastern Washington and had an absolutely fabulous time, but all the sun and physical exertion has me beat. I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be another lazy Sunday… which are usually my favorite kind of days.

obsessed with the above image from hip hip gin gin. love!
fall style in bright colors
a dreamy book of hidden spaces
perfect shiny oxfords
this fresh summer cocktail
considering a one-piece swimsuit for the first time
wood and diamonds
french onion soup grilled cheese. ’nuff said.
on creating the perfect room
the lightest and sweetest breakfast

so many beautiful things! hope your weekend is just as lovely!


All the Fall 2012 Collections are out and right now I’m dreaming of lady-like things.
While Kate Spade will always be my first love and go-to, the Diane von Furstenberg
Fall 2012 Collection is filled with gorgeous, shapely, feminine pieces that I adore.

I can’t wait for fall, but for now maybe I’ll settle on a sweet pair of shoes.

Click here to view the full collection.

What a blur! What a beautiful tangle of emotions and moments!
How many times in your life will you have almost every single person you care about in one room?

Marriage never looked likely for me. At least not to me. It was never something I had fantasized about, until it suddenly made sense. We were already building a life together. It makes me think of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks, “I’d never had so much pleasure with another human being. It was that simple.”

And so, we threw a party. Yes, it was a wedding, and there was a ceremony. A short, sweet, silly, very us, kind of ceremony. More than anything, it was a celebration, of what we had become and what is to be.
There were so many amazing moments. On stage during the ceremony, not seeing anyone except my husband-to-be.The fantastic, hilarious, heart-felt speeches from my sister and brother-in-law. The dance party with all the ladies on my mom’s side and some of my oldest closest friends.

At the time it felt like the climax of so many things, of our struggles and triumphs.
My heart bursts knowing it’s just the beginning.
images by Sea Studio.

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