We have these awesome posters from a Nordstrom Fashion & 80’s music mash-up that I’m absolutely in love with. I’ve been searching for the perfect companions to grace our living room walls and I think I’ve found them in Claire Heffer‘s gorgeous graphic drawings. Here are a few of my faves:

claire heffer design_bjork claire heffer design_jay z rolling stone
claire heffer design_bazaar russia
claire heffer design_natalie portman the professional
claire heffer design_the lost boys

Seriously sharp. Click here to see the full collection.

Have you been over to the new Provisions shop by food52 yet? It is a kitchen dreamland! From exotic spice sets to one-of-a-kind pieces to homemade tamale kits to the most lovely linens to genius tools and lunchbox kits, it’s the perfect go-to for that extra special something.

provisions superior servers
Superior Servers

provisions blue chair marmalade
Blue Chair Fruit Early Girl Tomato Jam + Lemon Marmalade

provisions seer sucker cloth napkins
Seersucker Cloth Napkins

provisions vintage british preserve pan
Vintage British Preserve Pan

Click here for $10 off your first purchase!

We moved this weekend! It was the hottest weekend yet and we spent all of Saturday moving and unpacking, but it was completely worth it to be able to sit on our own back patio yesterday as the sun went down, enjoying this gorgeous Seattle weather (more house photos coming soon!). I was rooting around the internet last week looking for decor inspiration when I stumbled back across the amazing work of Todd Selby again and spent a little time perusing the amazing spaces of Gray Foy and Joel Kaye. I love the color choices in their home, interesting pieces of art and unique use of space. And the lighting! I can’t wait to get an amazing light fixture…

Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 01
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 02
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 03
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 04
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 05
Gray Foy and Joel Kaye NY 06

images via the selby

We did it! We found a little house in my favorite neighborhood that we fell in love with! We’re moving in next month and I can hardly wait. The owner is nearly finished with the renovations and it is so lovely! We’ll be renting, so that we can save a little more money before we buy, and so we’re sure this is where we want to commit. But I can imagine us staying in this house for a few years at least!

unfinished front
One of the things I’m most thrilled about is the gigantic back yard. There are three levels (top two shown below). There will be a small patio area, a grassy area above and a huge space for gardening at the back of the yard. I plan on growing as much food as possible! We’re thinking greens and herbs and onions and garlic and… what else grows well in Western Washington? I’m hoping eventually half of what I eat (at least in the summer!) comes from our garden.


images via my iphone

Lately we’ve been spending quite a bit of time house hunting. It is exhilarating and exasperating. The first open house we went to had 20-ish other folks there at the same time as us, desperately filling out rental applications as fast as they possibly could. We took our time checking the place out first, and needless to say, did not get the place. Boo! On to more failures – no shows by owners, the strong smell of animals… it’s been a tough couple of weeks. But we are getting a much clearer picture of exactly what we want in a home (a fresh scent, for starters). Maybe I should just start with getting a coffee table? We’ve been in this apartment two years and still don’t have one.
I want something with a little visual interest, but I’m not great at committing to interesting furniture.

What’s catching my eye:

nook coffee table
nook table via apartment therapy

uo gallery coffee table
urban outfitters gallery table

or maybe just something simple that fits into my current aesthetic…

rich brilliant coffee table
rich brilliant table

At this point, anything besides my weird old wood side table things from college would be good idea.