We put off home buying to have a little fun this year and to pay down our debt a bit more. While I’m desperate for more space, a co-worker suggested renting in the neighborhood we’re thinking about buying in first. I think it’s brilliant! Our lease isn’t up for a while, but we’ve started looking. The one thing I’d love this time around is a true dining room. Two years back when we moved into our current apartment, we didn’t see ourselves entertaining much. Particularly during the holiday season, I’d love the chance and the space to host a dinner party!  And I have the new year’s on my mind…

dinner party party

good times / DIY glitter mason jars / dot garland / champagne lollipops

I was thinking today about when we finally move out of this tiny one bedroom what my dream home would really look like. And I immediately thought “Kate Spade!” and hit search. Have you seen these gorgeous pictures from photographer Tom Selby before? A thousand little perfect details. *Sigh*


images via the selby

And by space, I mean elbow room. I realized last night as an arm flopped across the front of me that it might be time to upgrade our bed from a full to a queen. Although, when we do, the bedroom will need some serious rearranging. We may have to wait a bit, now that we’ve put our house plans on hold for a year (of saving! hopefully…), but a girl can dream! I dream of a simple room with space and light… and a queen size bed.

image via spacify

image via purple area

image via the veda house

image via the pursuit aesthetic

Late as usual, I went perusing a few bookstores this week in search of a 2012 wall calendar. My parents used to buy me one every year for Christmas, so it feels like a tradition to have one. Plus, I’m still a cubicle dweller and love to have things covering every inch of my grey fabric walls.
Well, this week was a total bust, as well as all the major online book sellers. Then it dawned on me that I was overlooking my favorite site for unique items and artists, Etsy.
I went in search of monthly hand drawn calendars and found that and a few more favorites.

wall calendar by olive and ruby

wall calendar by flakes paperie

fine art print calendar by little brown pen

monthly calendar by mincing mockingbird

Love! Put in my order for the mincing mockingbird calendar yesterday and it’s already in the mail. Definitely one of my favorite artists on Etsy. Have you seen the pieces with quotes?
Hilarious and gorgeous.

We need light! Between the poor placement of the overhead fixtures and the living room window facing an alley, we don’t have many hours of good light in the apartment. We’ve been in serious need of a great lamp for a while – and with the wedding and holidays over, it’s finally in the budget.
I haven’t decided on the floor lamp vs. table lamp, but I am leaning toward a more modern design. The overall style of our place is still coming together, but clean lines and color are winning out, inspired by the gorgeous prints my darling husband brought home from work to adorn our walls.

floor lamp via west elm

table lamp via west elm

table lamp via johnathan adler

West Elm has the top spots, per the usual, with two out of three, but the color of the Johnathan Adler lamp is just so lovely, and really, nearly everything he does is just perfect.
Now to just make the rest of my living room look like this.

image via house of turquoise