Alternative Bouquets

Some people opt for no bouquet at all – which I love because then the whole focus is on you! but I needed a little something to hang onto. And some are probably still as in love with the idea of bouquet options as I am. For those with a little less traditional style…

Seashell Bouquet for thar beautiful beach wedding!


Artichokes! My favorite!


Or something more futuristic? I’m in love with this gorgeous metal piece.

Keep reading for more fabulous options!


Felt flowers by FuzzyRose / Fabric Tulips by HappyRetroVintage / Paper Roses by BelleRoseDesigns (these would also be fantastic with maps as the flowers)


Bright Brooches and Ivory Buttons & Lace by PumpkinandPye / Paper Flowers by lillesyster


Or these sweet balloons from RocknRoll Bride? The options are practically endless.

(ps) Here’s a peek at my bouquet :)

raudette wedding 2


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