Prime Time

100% all over primers these past few months. I’ve been doing everything I can to get my skin in the best shape (cleanse! moisturize! exfloiate! not too much! AHAs! Vitamin C! Whatevs!), but I still have this oily t-zone and makeup that just slides off part of my face halfway through the day. In come the foundation primers to save the day!

smashbox photo finish primers

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – This was my first primer. It’s fantastic and definitely helps my makeup stay on longer. What I love is the range of shades and skin types. I usually stick to the original, but I’ve tried the color correcting; pore minimizing and blemish control are next on my list (this oily, oily skin needs a little more). I’d definitely recommend the classic for most skin types, and the hydrating for dry skin. The yellow reduces redness and the pink is great for dark spots and discoloration. There’s even an SPF primer now with anti-aging! Seriously, something for everyone!

studio gear prime objective face primer

Studio Gear Primer Objective Face Primer – This one surprised me. I’d never heard of the brand prior, but tried a sample and was pretty impressed. I think this one has a similar texture to the Smashbox, but feels a litle more heavy duty. Great for my oily skin, or for someone who likes a little more of a “done” look.

dr brandt pores no more

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – LOVE this one for my oily skin. Feels less like a primer, more like skincare. It’s super light but still smooths out my pores and helps my makeup stay on all day. It’s a little pricier ($45 vs. the average $30-$35 here), but I think it’s worth it. I definitely want to try out the rest of the Pores No More line. Particularly the Mattifying Lotion and Pore Vacuum Cleaner (I love a good pore clearing mask!).

benefit the pore fessional

Benefit the Pore-fessional – I sauntered over to the Benefit counter to check out their famous brow bar and ended up walking away with a sample of this Pore-fessional and was so impressed. It has the light feeling of the Dr. Brandt with the same pore minimizing power. Great for everyday or even a lighter look.

urban decay primer potion

Urban Decay Primer Potion – How did I not know that the majority of this line is vegan? or AMAZING? Urban Decay has been under my radar for WAY too long. The Primer Potion is serious stuff. Definitely the most heavy duty, professional of the primers, but still feels great on my skin. This is my top pick for the longest, lasting, most matte, most flawless finish. This is the one I go to for events, weddings, all-day anythings. Urban Decay, I’m hooked.

In the end, Dr. Brandt Pores No More is my go-to every day. I love the lightweight texture; it works best under the BB creams I’ve been trying lately. My friend Michelle turned me onto to an awesome alternative (it isn’t a primer but works just like one!). I’ve been testing it out lately and will have more details soon! xoxo.

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  1. Shanygne said:

    You should try smashbox water primer to set your face :)

    • Ooh I will! Thanks for the recommendation!

      • Shanygne said:

        np :)

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