Land of Nod

I know this store is supposedly for kids, but I am completely obsessed! It’s a great mix of cute and classic, with fun colors, clean lines and great art. It has just the right touch of whimsy.

neon-nightstand and lamps

So many great lamps! How could you ever choose just one?! But it’s the little neon nightstand that has caught my eye. We don’t have room for it now, but it’s definitely high on my wish list.


These little honeycomb shelves are just the cutest. I’ve got some cute little Johnathan Adler pieces I think would look just perfect on these geometric beauties.


Gorgeous, anthro-esque bedding. I’m thinking this might look great in the guest room…


And seriously fab wall art! We just bought a sweet little piece of canvas for the bedroom, but this one would look fantastic in the kitchen.

I’m sure I’ll find another 50 things I’m in love with by the end of the night. Their rugs are lovely too…

images via land of nod

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