Herbivore Botanicals

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a junkie for beauty products. But even over my love of great cosmetics, is my love of great skin care. I’ve thrashed my skin with some pretty heavy duty stuff in the process (even ended up in the ER one time with some burns on my poor face), and I’ve come to realize that balance is the key. I ordered a couple of bars of these delicious soaps the other week, after reading a great post by my fave at door sixteen. Seriously, this blue clay Herbivore Botanicals soap left my face feeling AMAZING all week. And my skin has been totally clear and feeling less oily during the day (I’ve got fairly oily skin, so that’s huge for me). Plus, it doesn’t leave me feeling overly dried out the way that many products for oilier skin can. I’m excited to try more!

pink clay set
blue clay soap
dead sea clay soap

(ps) I finally made a beauty category for the blog instead of lumping it into fashion —–>
(although I still think makeup/color/etc is definitely fashion!) xoxo.

Check out my full beauty wish list here:


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