Birchbox # 11

So… our laptop died. Between that and working quite a few extra hours over the past weeks, I’ve neglected my dear little blog. But I’m back! With a snazzy new computer and hopefully a little more time on my hands. I did squeeze in a few fun things lately, including an amazing ladies weekend getaway, and of course my obsession with beauty product sampling. I’ve got quite a few new favorites, one of which came from April’s Birchbox.

birchbox _ 11

  • Harney & Sons Tea Some pretty funky flavors! They were a bit too out-there for my personal taste.
  • OPI tinted nail polish top coat – I think I loved the idea of this one more than I really loved it. OPI makes great, affordable nail polish, and their top coats and treatment products are top notch. This definitely helped my polish stay on longer, but I could take or leave the tint. It did leave a nice extra hint of blue, but I think I’m fine to just pick out the polish color I really want and top it with a clear protective coat in the future (although I am a fan of the matte top coats… but more about that soon!)
  • Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Cream – This is one of my new favorites. I’ve been using it everyday. It’s light but super moisturizing and soaks in quickly. I see a difference in my eyes, it really helps with the puffiness in the morning. It’s going to stay in my regular rotation for sure!
  • Bain de Terre Color Preserving Shampoo & Conditioner I liked the smell and texture of these, and how soft they left my hair, but was disappointed to find out in the reviews that this has sulphates in it… and isn’t really that color safe. Boo.

Overall, a meh box, but since pretty much every other one has been stellar, I’m sticking with Birchbox!

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