Tables & House Hunting

Lately we’ve been spending quite a bit of time house hunting. It is exhilarating and exasperating. The first open house we went to had 20-ish other folks there at the same time as us, desperately filling out rental applications as fast as they possibly could. We took our time checking the place out first, and needless to say, did not get the place. Boo! On to more failures – no shows by owners, the strong smell of animals… it’s been a tough couple of weeks. But we are getting a much clearer picture of exactly what we want in a home (a fresh scent, for starters). Maybe I should just start with getting a coffee table? We’ve been in this apartment two years and still don’t have one.
I want something with a little visual interest, but I’m not great at committing to interesting furniture.

What’s catching my eye:

nook coffee table
nook table via apartment therapy

uo gallery coffee table
urban outfitters gallery table

or maybe just something simple that fits into my current aesthetic…

rich brilliant coffee table
rich brilliant table

At this point, anything besides my weird old wood side table things from college would be good idea.

  1. Ellie said:

    love the first one!!! so unique and quaint!

  2. When we were last looking for a coffee table, the noguchi ones were everywhere. Glad we didn’t get one, because they’re spammed in television shows now. I feel like Mrs P points one out to me on a show at least once a month.

    • Funny! I almost posted one of those and then changed my mind at the last moment. I’m more into the feel of wood ones.

      • Yeah, I like the look of wood a lot more than glass. Plus glass will shatter instead of denting like wood.

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