Building a Kitchen

building a kitchen

One of the things I’ve been working on slowly is building my kitchen. I’ve had quite a few keys pieces passed down to me by my aunt Kathy, who is a genius is the kitchen, our very own Martha in the family. Most of the other things we have were gifted for our wedding, although I have bought just a few since then, as we’re pretty short on space here in our current little apartment. I’ve been consulting the experts (mostly smitten kitchen, the kitchn and Martha) and putting together my list of to-do’s:

My Current Haves:
Dutch oven
Great chef’s knife
Mixing Bowls
Zesters & graters
One good baking sheet
2 basic heavy skillets
Large wood cutting board
13×9″ casserole dish
Bread pans
Cooling Racks
Rolling Pin
Large Metal Spoons (slotted and solid)
Vegetable Peeler
Silicone spatula
Wire Whisk
Wooden Spoons
Sieve (with fine mesh)
Small Cuisinart Food Processor

Quality Salt & Pepper Grinders
Cast iron skillet
1 1/2 quart saucepan
4 quart saute pan
Roasting pan
Large stockpot
Kitchen Shears
Sharpening Stone
Muffin Pans
Heavy Duty Mixer
Large Cuisinart Food Processor

What are your kitchen must-haves? Am I missing anything key? I’m hoping when we move this spring we’ll have the kitchen space to invest in some of the large pieces, particularly the food processor! I was making falafel tonight and had to do it in so many tiny batches because of my itty bitty little processor. I’m so thankful for even the little one though!

image via the design files

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