Lazy Saturday

It was a long week at work and I’m battling the last of my third (or fourth?) cold of the season, so this weekend will be for a bit of resting, besides a dear friend’s birthday dinner tonight. While my husband celebrates the return of hockey today, I’ll be perusing Pinterest for the week’s dinner menu and catching up on the news of the week. I came across this gorgeous picture and I must admit I’m a bit obsessed with both the dress and the cat.

kim cloutier max abadian luxure magazine

Here are a few more of my favorite finds from the around the internet universe:

Something to do with the puff pastry that’s been in my freezer too long.
Gorgeous jewelry and studio in Brooklyn.
Such a fantastic smile.
Love this idea for passing on wedding ideas and knowledge. The book is wonderful, by the way.
Military jackets, sequins and practical winter wear advice.
A lovely collections of vintage cocktail rings.
How to cook pasta in red wine. Can’t wait to try it!
I hear this is the best long-wearing liquid eyeliner out there.
Johnathan Adler does it again, this time in the bathroom!

Have a relaxing weekend. xoxo

image via fashion gone rogue

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