Do you Roku?

So the husband and I have been talking about giving up cable for months now. Well, we’ve been talking about it for years, but only seriously for the past few months, and finally took the first step. I ordered a Roku player last month and now that I’m finally using it and weaning myself off the cable monster, I’m so pleased. We set up a few online accounts on the player and now have nearly every episode of every show we could ever want at our fingertips. We watch all of our current shows (and keep up with all the latest) with Hulu, but my new obsession is choosing an older show on Netflix (where past seasons of almost everything live) and starting from episode one. I love not having to wait for the next episode! Next on my list: Parks & Recreation and Doctor Who.

‘m looking forward to checking out some of the other channels offered too, like Crackle, and I know the husband is thrilled he can still watch both of his hockey teams (once the NHL resolves it’s current lockout, that is). I don’t know why we dragged our feet so long!

images via roku

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