How to make your own nail polish

Years and years ago, I worked at a makeup counter and accumulated more eye shadows than any one person (or maybe dozen people) should own. And although I only use a handful of these colors regularly, I can hardly part with such a treasure trove of color. When I stumbled across this post from Lindsay at Delighted Momma on making your own nail polish out of old crumbly shadows, I knew there was a reason I couldn’t part with my preciouses.

Here are Lindsay’s steps:

What you will need:
Clear nail polish.
Eye shadow.
A funnel. I made mine by wrapping a note card into a cone shape and then taping it on the back.

Take out the eyeshadow you want to use. I used a butter knife to scrape it out of the container. I combined the first two colors of the eyeshadow palette above. Crush it up so it is in a powder form.

Empty a small amount of clear nail polish out so you have room for the eyeshadow powder. Place your funnel into the top. Add the color into the bottle.

Use the toothpick to mix up the color into the bottle. Put the cap on and give it a good shake until it is evenly distributed.

You now have you own custom shade of nail polish!
Now I’m off to find my favorite shadow color!

  1. chicdreamer said:

    So awesome!!!

  2. really… amazing!!!!!!!!! im sure adding glitter to the nail polish bottle will work too?! I won’t be throwing away my old eyeshadow anymore!

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