Lanvin and the Real Girl

For it’s fall advertising campaign, Lanvin casted non-models, “real men and women” and I know one of these fabulous people – check out the wonderful and talented Stella Rose:

Here’s what she has to say about this amazing experience:
“Yes, I was street cast for this. If anyone is trying to make you feel bad for looking different I am telling you now that this is where being yourself will get you.
Yes, Steven Meisel shot this. He was very nice and the shoot went completely smoothly. It was an absolute honor to shoot with him and his team.
Yes, Alber Elbaz was there. He dressed me- hand picked my outfit and everything while a team of french ladies put me into it. Both sample dresses were too big on me and I was pinned into this one. So take that everyone who has a problem with skinny models.
Yes, the styling team was top notch. How top notch? How about Pat McGrath and Guy Guido top notch? Yes, Pat touched my face. I can now cross that of the list.
Yes, the dog in the photo is real and was adorable. They also let me listen to my favorite song- Cleo Cleopatra while shooting. If you know that song then you should be laughing.
Yes, expensive clothes feel as good as they look.

More from Stella here.

So jealous, but in the happy-for-someone-so-lovely kind-of-way. What a doll!
Sigh. Lanvin!


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