Colored Chalk Tips

I’m always talking about doing something interesting with my hair. I’ve made and cancelled appointments for adding purple to my bangs at least twice now. Such a chicken! And then
I saw this post on A Cup of Jo today for colored chalk tips. So cute! And non-permanent!
Perfect for a chicken like me.

1. Get yourself some chalk pastels. You can find them at any art or craft store or on Amazon. Make sure they are CHALK pastels and not OIL pastels; otherwise you’ll make even more of a mess!

2. Pick your favorite color of chalk, and wet the tip of the chalk you have chosen. Then rub the end of the chalk up and down the tips of your hair, re-wetting when necessary. (You can also wet your hair instead of the chalk, but I find it easier to just re-wet the chalk when needed. You don’t want your waterlog your hair, since then it will become a mushy mess.)

3. Switch colors if you want. Just go crazy. Experiment. This type of hair is meant to be fun and carefree! (For my hair, I used a combo of four colors: magenta, peach, royal blue, and turquoise.)

4. Wait for your newly colored hair to dry a little before you get dressed. You don’t want to get colored dye on your party outfit. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after, you’re going to get a bit messy. Don’t worry, it comes off with soap and water!

Three extra tips:
* If you have lighter hair, skip wetting the chalk first and just use the chalk dry on your hair. Wetting it may stain lighter hair a bit more than darker hair. If you find that the color isn’t showing up enough for you, you may want to run a flat iron over the part you just colored. The heat will help brighten and seal the color in.
* Apologies in advance for the ladies with super dark hair; you may have to sit this one out (although, you could try some bright blues and purples for a cool subdued effect).
* Don’t fear that it will rub off onto your clothing once it’s dry. I was wearing a white blouse when we took these photos, and I went out to dinner afterward and came home with no trace of color anywhere on me or my clothing (save for some bright pink chalk under my nails because i didn’t wash my hands well enough;).

So lovely!

images by jamie beck

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