Cake Flowers!

My sister’s engagement party is coming up and based on her amazingly talented entourage, I know it’s going to be quite the DIY affair. I’m not terribly crafty, but I’m always collecting ideas. Recently, I stumbled across this fabulous post from Wedding Chicks. So cute! So simple! Maybe even I can do it. And fruit roll ups were one of my absolute favorite treats as a kid. Yum! Bright and fun! I love it.

See complete directions below!

Cake Flowers
from Wild Orchid Baking Company via Wedding Chicks 

Fruit leathers
Round cookie cutters
Small bowl of water
Small paint brush
Floral wire (tooth picks or skewers would work as well)
Piece of foam

Step One.
Using a round cookie cutter, cut circles out of the fruit leather. The size of the cutter you use will determine how large of a puff you have at the end. For these puffs we used round cutters that were 1/2” to 2” in diameter.

Step Two.
Pick up a fruit leather round, and using your thumbs and forefingers, press the sides of the round together towards the center of the circle. You’ll end up with a shape resembling a ruffled “x”. Just be sure to press towards the center of the circle, so that you don’t close the “x” entirely. The open loops are what give the puff it’s shape.
Repeat with other circles. For a nice full puff we used 6 fruit leather rounds per puff. You can use more or less depending on how full you’d like the puff to be. To begin to form a puff, press 2 of the ruffled fruit leather rounds together at their points.

Step Three.
If the fruit leather has begun to dry out, brush on a small amount of water so that they stick together. Add more ruffles until you achieve the desired puff shape. Set formed puff onto a piece of styrofoam. Use floral wires or tooth picks to prop up the fruit leather puff into it’s desired shape. Allow to dry out over night. Using the wires or toothpicks helps keep the puff from drooping or losing it’s shape as it dries. You may need to allow puffs to dry out longer depending on the humidity.

Make The Small Circles.
Add dots to your cake or cupcake design by cutting out small circles from the leftover fruit leather. Apply using royal icing or water, just like the puffs.

Apply to a finished cake using small dots of royal icing, or if applying to fondant just brush on a small amount of water where you’d like the puff to stick.
For cupcakes: Set onto freshly piped frosting.

images by mark davidson

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