Beer! I love it. And we’re fortunate enough to live just a block from fantastic handcrafted brews.
Have you had a McMenamins beer? If you’re in the northwest US, or visiting, I highly recommend making a stop at one of their many unique locations. Ours is a lovely little neighborhood bar, but they’ve got quite a few other breweries, wineries and venues for all sorts of fun.

They just came out with a delicious nut brown, so the husband and I finally forayed into the land
of growlers. Why haven’t we been doing this all along?! Cheaper than grabbing a six pack, and
we can fill it up with some of the best beer around, whenever we want. We lounged and enjoyed
a few this weekend, and I had a great one on hand for the beef stew I made the other night.
Have you tried beer in your soup? One of my favorite ways to add flavor! Just replace some of
your stock with beer. Also in gumbo; I love a good stout to kick it up a notch.

What about you? What’s your favorite brew?

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