Happy Weekend! I hope yours has been great. We had a big farewell for a dear friend last night and I’m feeling super nostalgic today. It’s been a great couple of weeks overall, and it’s been nice to be back in the swing of things. Here’s a little peek of what I’ve been up to lately:

life lately_raudette

Clockwise: We took a little trip to Denver to see the hub’s family, and got to spend some quality time with our first nephew! I finally starting cooking again pretty regularly. This amazing broccoli pesto sauce will be up on the blog this week. And lastly, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Instagram following & building online friendships with some pretty awesome ladies (and loving this pic about community over competition that’s been making the rounds).

Current Instagram crushes:
The Bannerie
Katie Kavulla & This is my Fave
The Invisible Hostess aka MrsKalso
Street Etiquette

Sally Honeycutt
Stella Mowen
Tater and Tot Style
Kaitlin Mua

…and so many more! Loving this online community!
See you on Instagram. xoxo.

Happy Frenchie Friday!
Hope you have lots of lovely things planned! Or lots of lovely down time :)

We are visiting family and first nephew for his first birthday this weekend!

frenchie friday

Here’s a few favorites from around the internets:

Sandwiches for DAYS!
Gorgeous geometric quilts.
Perfect for summer parties: game time.
This absolutely uplifting site of positive doodles.
A flawless casual spring outfit.
An interesting bit on sobriety.
Oh Happy Day! now has a party shop!
20 weird things about America that Americans don’t realize are weird.
Fabulous gallery wall ideas.

Have a lovely weekend!

image via true chase

life lately _ raudette

I’ve been on a break from blogging, but still having a little bit of fun on instagram!

Life lately:
Petal City‘s same day floral delivery is my latest obsession. Gorgeous blooms & great deals.
The perfect place for my little anthro bowl, a window sill with my collection of perfume samples.
Glitter banner awesomeness from The Bannerie! Let’s Flamingle and You Got This!
New glasses! Feeling really rosy in my new Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Hope you’re having a fabulous (almost) summer! The weather here has been so unusually nice. Not Seattle’s norm, but I’ll take it for now!

Hi friends! You may have noticed it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Well, officially I’m putting myself on Spring Break :) I’ve just got a few things to take care of in the non-internet world, but here are a few fun things I’ve been doing lately! And I’ll be back before you know it next month with new recipes, lots of subscription boxes, fun new beauty items, and some new content too!

Life lately:

creamy cajun chicken pot _ how sweet eatsLove this slighty creamy, slighty spicy, veggie packed one-pot (and one plate) pasta dish. Great for a cool night, but bright enough flavors that I can definitely see myself going to this again in the coming summer months! Click through for the full recipe from How Sweet Eats.

chicken asparagus stir fry _ the lemon bowlAnd talk about fresh! This fantastic, super easy stir fry will be at the top of my list all summer. So easy and filling on it it’s own, or served beautifully over rice or quinoa. Maybe even over a salad! Click through here for the full recipe from the Lemon Bowl.

lentils with broccoli rabe _ the kitchn
I’ve been trying to figure out all the best recipes for the bags upon bags on lentils I have in my cabinet. It’s one of those things I love to have on hand, but must’ve gone a little overboard storing up this winter. When I stumbled across this recipe, I jumped! I love a rich green with creamy lentils and had been thinking about trying to work more broccoli rabe into my diet. We’ve got one store in the neighborhood that carries it, and it’s worth the little drive for sure! Click through for the full recipe from the Kitchn.

Some old favorites back in the rotation:

Rocksbox is back! And with so much new great stuff. I love their instagram feed, where we can #wishlist to our hearts desires. All my new boxes have been fantastic. Including these pics of a few new items I kept:

rocksbox raudette april

Kendra Scott Ring Set in Viva
Gorjana Layer Necklace
Sophie Harper Pave Circle Studs

Click here for a free month of jewelry styling!

silly hubs and raudette brunch Oh yeah, and lots of time with this goofy guy :)

Check out my new instagram feed here or my facebook page for more updates!

Thanks for checking in. See you soon! xoxo.