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Hope your weekend has been restful! Here’s a little link love for a lazy Sunday:

The sweetest striped shoes.
A simple and savory soup for a cold night.
The ultimate Alice in Wonderland wedding.
On the declining use of the phone call. I’m guilty.
Trying to get organized in 2014 with The January Cure.
DIY sweet and scripted pillow cases.
Obsessing over these booties a bit.
I’ve a serious soft spot for cannoli and these look unbelievable.

Have a new calendar yet? Here’s a sweet illustrated one for 2014.

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We rung in the new year with a few friends and a fantastic four course dinner party (recipes to be posted soon!). Every course was exquisite! I’ll be trying my hand at my friend Ryan’s seared scallops with bacon marmalade soon. They were to-die-for!

NYE dinner

I barely made it to midnight for the champagne toast after filling up on all that great food.

NYE  pics

Hope your night was as wonderful as ours!

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diy wreaths

Happy Solstice all! Longer days are ahead for us Northerners, and I’m really looking forward to it. The husband and I celebrate the winter solstice, just the two of us. We celebrate Hannukah with his family and Christmas with mine; it’s been fun to have our own special day this time of the year. We spent the day inside snuggling and he surprised me with some really sweet gifts! The original plan was new tattoos for each of us, but he just couldn’t help himself and picked up a few things I’d been eyeing (and a few things he’d been eyeing for me). What a gem!

I didn’t decorate the house this year, but I’m really hoping to get it together next winter. I miss the smell of grenery and I want to try to put something up like the gorgeous simple wreaths shown above by Ashley Ann (click here for the blog post how-to). Maybe even a tree? Definitely something that makes the house smell wonderful and makes me all sappy for the season.

Hope you’re having lovely holidays!

Happy Hanukkah! Happy Thanksgiving! We are off to my parents house today. I’ll be cooking with my mother, sister and aunt. I’m in charge of the brussels sprouts; my sister and I will also double team the stuffing. We have a fairly large family, so it’s quite the production! The bowl we make the stuffing in has a diameter the size of my arm span. Ha! Official Hanukkah celebrations will be held another weekend (there will be latkes…). I love any excuse to get everyone together!


However you celebrate, I hope your holiday is wonderful! xoxo.

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