This newest collection from Popbasic is fabulous! It has one of my favorite pieces I’ve been rocking this spring – a midi length black leather skirt. I’ve been wearing mine with a basic black sweater and these gorgeous pointed-toe halo-strap wedges, but I love the idea to wear it with a tank and mix it up a bit for spring. And the silver and rhinestone collar necklace is just what I’ve been missing from my jewelry wardrobe.

popbasic ashbury 01 popbasic ashbury 02 popbasic ashbury 03

images via popbasic

Better late than never! January’s Birchbox was an absolute pleasure. Every item was perfection!


  • Camille Beckman Morelia Monarch Body Butter I love a good body butter. This one is rich but soaks in quickly with a clean fresh scent that feels perfect right out of the shower.
  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser This is my new favorite thing! I love the creamy cleanser that’s a just little minty, and the muslin cloth gives just the right amount of exfoliation for every day. I might even turn in my Clarisonic for a bit!
  • Coastal Scents Revealed Palette A perfect nude blend is my everyday best friend. These colors were slightly cooler than my regular nude tones, and they were fabulous – a little sharper and more dramatic, but still soft enough for everyday. I definitely added the full palette to my wish list.
  • OmniPotent Duosity Hair Treatment I haven’t used too many hair treatments before. My hair is super fine and tends to be oily, so usually they weigh my hair down too much. But this one was light and foamy, and I was able to style my hair as usual afterward and head out for the day. It was shiny, lustrous and healthy feeling, with the usual oily residue.
  • Under Armour Braided Mini Headband No more excuses! I haven’t been able to find my headband for yoga for a while now, and I have to admit I’ve been using that as one of the excuses not to go. This one is fabulous because it has a little more grip than the average while still being comfortable. Hot yoga here I come!

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Popbasic launched it’s newest collection and I’ve got a crush on navy. The super sweet wishbone jewelry set is what caught my eye, but the perfectly cut silk blouse is something I’ve been missing from my wardrobe. I love how they always pair a gorgeous classic piece with a bit of whimsy.

popbasic sunday 00

popbasic sunday 01

popbasic sunday 02

images via popbasic

Despite having dabbled in makeup artistry back in the day, I had never tried the famous Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ foundation primer that launched the brand into pro status. It’s been on my to-do list for a while, and after a 3 month road test of another primer that turned out to be fine but not great, I was ready for something new. While perusing for some post-holiday exchanges I spotted a great little Smashbox ‘Try It’ Kit and knew the time was right.

smash box try it kit

I’m always on the prowl for something new and this box was filled with goodies! The samples are all a great size too. Almost two weeks and I have plenty left to experiment with…

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer Obsessed! The old primer I was using clogged my pores a bit, but in the week and a half I’ve been using this my skin has cleared right up. Plus, it definitely does the job of keeping my makeup in place all day. I find myself powdering my oily noisy maybe once during the day compared to the 2-3 times I was before. I’m hooked.
  • Photo Finish Lid Primer This is some heavy duty shadow primer. I’ve never had my shadow stay like this. I used a little too much the first day and felt a little heavy, but I got the application right the second and was really wowed. Not a crease, not a fleck of missing shadow at day’s end.
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx Long wearing yet smudgeable! I’ve been using this every day happily, but it definitely calls for a more heavy duty eye makeup remover. I’ll be keeping this in my regular rotation, on those days when I want a little more
  • Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume Super glittery, maybe a bit much for my taste, but this might work well layered over a lipstick or another gloss. Cute, but not my favorite.
  • Full Exposure Mascara Fabulous! Super lush lashes, great brush. If I wasn’t completely in love with my eyelash extensions, this would be my new reuglar mascara. I love a thick, dramatic lash and this one really does the trick.

smashbox try it  kit

Next on my list is to try a new foundation and powder, and after this round of winners, I’m thinking this other BB Cream & powder Smashbox ‘Try It’ Kit might be exactly where I start.